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University of Michigan this year’s draft 11 people selected, the largest number

US time Thursday night, Cleveland Brown with 25 No. first round selected Gabriel – Perbers (Jabrill Peppers), so he became the University of Michigan, the first selected player. But he is not alone, until the seventh round has his companion.

University of Michigan this draft a total of 11 people selected, the largest university, but also a new record of the University of Michigan. University of Alabama 10 people selected, there are four first round was selected, the University of Michigan only two (the other is the Cowboys selected Tuck – Charlton Taco Charlton), University of Miami 9 people ranked third, Rieter, LSU and Utah have 8 people selected.

Michigan Wolverine from Jim Harbaugh (Jim Harbaugh) return to the head coach after the performance of more outstanding, so that they are in the NFL scouts in the high-profile.

Seattle Seahawks selected two Michigan players in the third round: Delano Hill and Amara Darboh, Seahawk coach Pete Carroll, But also praise the work of Hubble.

2008 draft picks attack cut jack Jack – Long declared retired

The nearly 32-year-old offensive cutout announced his retirement decision on Twitter, almost nine years ago he became a champion at the NBA draft.

Last season, for the Minnesota Vikings played four games, he said his body has been unable to support the continued participation of the game. Long in his career many times suffered a knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, which destroyed his excellent career. Since 2013, he has not played more than 10 games in a single season.

For the fans of the Washington Redskins, they have been worried about their team quarterback Kirk – Coxins (Kirk Cousins) contract with the team, which affects the team’s future development.

Recently Cousins opened his mind when he was interviewed by radio, and he said, “Do I want to stay in the place where I want to stay, that’s what I have said,” he said. When a team really wants to have me for a long time, why should I go somewhere else? What do I mean is one of the best places in the league history fans, everything can be traced back to 20 worlds In the 1930s, I liked the team and returned to the glorious years of the 1980s and 1990s, and I wanted to be in great history and had no reason to go somewhere else.

Khao Fei is 49ers in 2009 three rounds of sign, he has completed the return to the NFL required documents to fill. Any team that wants his team can come to attract him, if no one has this intention, he will become an unrestricted free agent.

Long in the first four seasons of his career every season are selected for the professional bowl and in 2010 selected the best team for a while. He also played for Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Rams and Atlanta Falcons in his nine-year career.

Although the fans concerned about the game will only think that Long is a glass, it is easy to forget his career in the first four seasons is how talented. Long was thought to be able to sit a bad dolphin offensive front line for 10 years. He first started more than 60 consecutive episodes before entering the injury report in 2011.

Long recently published an article on his alma mater at the University of Michigan to attend the NFL Business School, and perhaps he has already begun to plan for the future.

The safest people are those who have got the ring, the job is stable, the position is firm

Tom – Brady, Aaron – Rogers, Ben – Rosrisburg, Drew – Brisbane, Russell – Wilson

If you like the team in the team can have any of these players, you should thank God, which every quarterback played a lot of the season’s elite performance, and to maintain the impact of the playoffs The You may hate some of them (especially Tom Brady and Aaron – Rogers), but you can not deny their greatness. A back pot must have something for the real thing for the job, you are in these people who can not find those things.
Those who deserve respect in the eyes of experts

Matt – Ryan, Andrew – Lark, Philip – Rivers, Derek – Carl, Joe – Flac, Eli – Manning, Carson – Palmer.

Ryan is definitely the first row of candidates, you have to understand that these people will not be inside all the people back pot. Lark is a talented young man who has been dragged by the team. Rivers is so pleasing, why not to go to a black eight-year-old child’s father? Carl is the league’s most promising star of tomorrow, and excellent character. Fraco was betrayed by some people because of the big contract, but he won the championship after all. Any feel that Eli should not rank so far are refused to admit that he had won two Super Bowl MVP. Palmer was a little bit different because he had been struggling in the Cardinals’ playoffs, but his more than 15 years of football career had been good and did not hated.
Have no time to recruit new people

Marcus – Mario Tower, Jamis – Winston, Duck – Prescott, Carson – Vincent, Trevor – Simian, Paxton – Lynch

Prescott is likely to inherit Roma’s mantle, after all, all hate Dallas cowboy quarterback, especially when you are still a good quarterback time. But now the conclusion is still too early Winston quickly appeared in the league, but there are still some fans or as he entered the league when the same time ready to find his stubble. He has been on the watch list.