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San Francisco 49ers signed veteran running back Tim Hightower

San Francisco 49ers continue to sign new players. Finding Cheap Jerseys Online Wholesale here.

49ers to strengthen the urgent needs of the runner-up lineup depth, they signed running back Tim Hightower. Hightower is the second place to join 49ers this week running back, after 49ers back to DuJuan Harris.

49ers continue to large-scale low-cost to sign a lot of unknown players, the new management hope to be able to sign new people quickly help the team stand up. Hightower will compete with Harris for the main runaway behind Carlos Hyde.

Hightower last season for the New Orleans saints played 16 games, rushed ball 133 times, made 548 yards 4 touchdowns. Hightower is a reliable substitute, he also completed 22 times the ball to get 200 yards 1 touchdowns. It was since 2010 he played Arizona Cardinals since Hightower played the best season, and he seemed to regain his new life.

At the beginning of the 2017 season, the sea tower will be 31 years old, but he in the 30-year-old season to show themselves compared to other senior runners can continue to play well. This is for the 49ers is a low risk but may bring high returns to the contract. Don’t miss Cheap Quality NFL Jerseys in here.

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Steve Selsky came out of high school in Los Angeles as a third baseman. He expected he’d play third base when he got to the University of Arizona.

It didn’t take long for Selsky to realize he needed a new position if he was going to get on the field. His bat allowed him to get on the field right away — he slugged .541 as a freshman — but he had too much traffic ahead of him at third base.

That would give the Red Sox nine games over 10 days to get the ex-Milwaukee relief pitcher the appearances he needs to be ready for the regular season to start — probably as many as four.

“We had three shortstops playing short, third and second — and, actually, the guy playing first played short in high school,” he said. “We had four shortstops on the infield. NFL Jerseys Authentic Our lineup was just better if I was in the outfield.”

Boston signed Mitch Moreland in order to be able to shift Ramirez more often into the vacant designated-hitter role. Ideally, however, Moreland would sit and Ramirez would play first base against lefties, allowing Chris Young to serve as the designated hitter.

And so Selsky went to the outfield, where he spent the vast majority of his time in the Cincinnati Reds’ minor-league system. The only time he got back into the infield was when he played first base — including 68 games there at High-A Bakersfield in 2013.

That Selsky hits from the right side only gives him a better chance to win a job as a reserve behind Mitch Moreland and Pablo Sandoval. He hit a hanging breaking ball for a double to center field in Saturday’s game, improving his slugging percentage this spring to .548.

And so Boston has had Selsky start to take ground balls and make throws not just at first base but at third base, too.

“The key is just getting reps,” he said. “You obviously don’t get to hang out at the hot corner too much. I do get a decent amount of reps at first, so it’s not foreign to be close to the hitter like that.”

New England Patriots Cheap Jerseys Boston manager John Farrell said that he anticipates having Selsky play third base in a game in the not-too-distant future to see how he looks there.

“He’s an interesting guy because of the versatility,” Farrell said. “There’s a quality righthanded bat there. He can do a number of things.”

Selsky hit .280 with a .363 on-base percentage and a .459 slugging percentage at Triple-A Louisville last season, earning his first call-up to the major leagues with Cincinnati. He hit .317 with a .386 on-base percentage at Louisville the year before that. But the Reds designated him for assignment in January to clear space on their 40-man roster, and the Red Sox pounced.

“I left at 7 in the morning and got back at like 12 at night,” he said.

The Reds Caravan proceeded without him. Kids Basketball Jerseys Cheap.

Relief pitcher Tyler Thornburg threw a bullpen session Saturday, the second time he’d pitched off a mound since his last Grapefruit League appearance on March 1.
“Without getting too far ahead of ourselves,” Farrell said, “that’s the framework of what we have right now. ”

Hanley Ramirez had what Farrell called “a little bit of a breakthrough” in his own shoulder work, Farrell said, but continues to be held out of games, at least as a first baseman. Ramirez has thrown on the side but has not yet been permitted to throw to bases in defensive drills.

Whether Ramirez plays any games at first base before the end of spring training remains to be seen. He has hit .235 with a .333 on- base percentage and a .471 slugging percentage in 34 at-bats this spring, including two doubles and two home runs.

Ten worst throwback jerseys in the NFL

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh will wear its ugly bumblebee throwback jerseys this week against the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s such a bad look in every possible way — something even the biggest of Steelers fans would admit. Seeing Ben Roethlisberger wear something akin to what the inmates in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” donned, just doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense here. They could burn these jerseys, and I am not too sure anyone would care.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
More than representing an era of Buccaneers football that might have been the worst of any team in NFL history, this creamsicle look is a downright travesty. Orange jerseys with orange and white pants — yeah, that’s most definitely a look that we could have left in the 1970’s. Oh, and there’s just something ridiculous about the Buccaneer on the helmet, right?

New England Patriots

If the Patriots were ever going to decide to wear a throwback uni, the Boston Patriots version of 1960 made a bit more sense. Instead, here’s a team that has gone back to its ugly roots multiple times over the past several years. This look doesn’t just bring back memories of some bad football teams in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The red base with a helmet that depicts a minuteman snapping a football. Let’s get real for a second here, New England.

St. Louis Rams

In many ways, the Rams deciding to go back to their old jerseys for Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers makes some sense. After all, that was their look when they played in Southern California — something they would love to do in 2016. As it is, this is yet another uniform that should be left in the dustbin of history. The bright yellow pants with an ugly-looking blue making up the jersey. No thanks!

Detroit Lions

We don’t even know what the Lions have been doing with their throwbacks. The blue shirt looks like something from an ill-fated sequal of “The Longest Yard.” And that’s not even the worst part. Metallic silver pants and helmets to go with them? It’s like the Lions are attempting to preserve their past while preparing for a future in space. Jeez.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay originally went with the dark brown helmet and navy blue jersey for its throwbacks. In reality, those were among the best we have seen around the NFL. Unfortunately, the Packers decided to switch it up recently. Last week saw them wear the same light brown pants with two different variations of yellow — neither of which matched. We are in the 21st century, let’s make sure your colors aren’t clashing. Plan?

Seattle Seahawks

I guess it’s better than the horrendous lime-green look. Ouch, those are an eyesore to the utmost degree. Still, Seattle’s jerseys from back when it was in the AFC West are just so darn ugly. The silver and blue helmet as well as the silver, white and green jersey isn’t much of an issue. It’s the pants with a silver base and green stripes going down the sides that makes us wonder if this look was created by some stoned dude watching “Wizard of Oz” while listening to “Dark Side of the Moon.” By the way, the music does match up perfectly with the movie.

Washington Redskins

It’s not like the Redskins current jerseys are the sexiest in the NFL. But these monstrosities should have died a slow death decades ago. You know, before people actually cared about how football jerseys looked. Poop brown helmets, an ugly gold base on the pants and probably the ugliest-looking version of read you will ever see on the jerseys — just pathetic.

New York Jets

This one scribe loves the Jets unis of the Joe Namath era. Why the team simply doesn’t go back to those every time it decides to wear throwbacks, no one will ever know. This version doesn’t even make sense. Yellow and blue? If they really wanted to become the Chargers, maybe attempt to relocate to San Diego. If not, stick with the current unis — one of the best in the NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia went to these yellow and baby blue throwbacks for the first time back in 1997. We understand the historical significance of going back to your roots, but come on here. Much like the Jets, Philadelphia has one of the best unis in the NFL. Don’t mess with a good thing. Just ask Chip Kelly.